Business technology to revolve around you.


Cross-platform Networking

Diverse businesses require solutions to keep teams connected. A mixed-platform environment makes it imperative that technology of all flavors talk seamlessly to one another. We get and your keep your systems running smoothly with no-nonsense local and remote support.

Data Mining & Manipulation

With all the available sources for business data, it can be difficult to see the forest for the trees. Using extensive database and visualization backgrounds we make sense of all that data, shaping it into actionable business intelligence.

Custom Hosting

Need a hosting solution that does not fit the usual description? Or just want someone else to take care of it for you? Whether on our servers or with a dedicated solution through our partnership with Server Beach we can help manage your hosting needs. Years of hosting management experience let us "just take care of it" for you.

CTO In A Box

HELP! We are your primary technical weapon... in a box! Don't need a full time technical manager, but need help interpreting your needs for technology? Let us help review your needs, work with your integrators and make plans to implement technical solutions.


About our parent company

Square360 collaborates on sophisticated and informed designs that more effectively interact with your customers.

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Remote Support

To keep our client's systems running efficiently we employ Bomgar remote support. If you need assistance please visit our dedicated support site.

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